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Dear colleagues

The Lybian Society of Pediatric Surgery –The Tunisian Association of Pediatric Surgery with the support of the Tunisian Union of Liberal Doctors (Djerba section) and the  Tunisian Association of Pediatricians of Southern Tunisia organize :

 The First joint Lybian Tunisian meeting of pediatric surgery

Venue: Hotel Djerba Plaza Djerba (with special accomodation rates for the delegates)

DateOctober 29 2022

With the participation of prestigious invited guests :
Doctor UDO ROLLE (Frankfurt)
Doctor PETER VAJDA (Budapest)
Doctor STUART HOSIE (Munich).

Oral communication and poster session are scheduled
Official language: English
To submit your papers please send emails with attached word documents (using  the following word attached model ) to this address :
Maximum 2 posters accepted  / participant as first name
DEADLINE: October 10 2022
We would be highly honored by your participation
For more information: contact Dr Amine Ksia:  or Dr Sondes Sahli:

Hotel accommodation